Executive Board Applications

You may not know this, but Liberty League is run entirely by volunteers.

The support we give to student societies, and the running of the annual Liberty League Freedom Forum are all in the hands of our capable Executive Board. Hopefully you’ll have met some of them, like Charlotte Bowyer, Jennifer Salisbury-Jones, Victoria Monro and Jakub Jilek. They all do an immense job in just their spare time – simply because they’re committed to finding and supporting students and young people who are passionate about classical liberal and libertarian ideas. But they also define the vision, direction and strategy of Liberty League for the year ahead.

Every summer, we select new people- particularly current students or recent graduates – to become Executive Board members. It’s how we make sure Liberty League is in touch with current student society leaders, and is able to continue to do its job properly year after year.

We’d love to hear from you! If you think you’ve got what it takes and are interested in joining the team, then please apply using our online form. The deadline for applications is Friday, 22nd August.

I look forward to reading your applications, and welcoming a new wave of liberty-lovers onto the board.

Anton Howes
Director, Liberty League


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